Rules & Location


We are currently operating out of Newington College, 200 Stanmore RD. Please park in the Stanmore RD carpark. Please keep noise to a minimum while in the carpark. Absolutely NO SMOKING within 50m of school gates/on school grounds.


Enmore Basketball follows FIBA approved rules; with the exception of the Enmore Basketball bylaws (listed below). A copy of the 2014 FIBA ruleset can be found: here.

Enmore Basketball BYLAWS

Half Time
Teams will be given a 1 minute half-time each game.
Late Starts
A team cannot start without 4 or more players. After 3 minutes from when the game was scheduled to begin the late team will be penalized 2 points per minute. If a team does not have 4 players by half time they will forfeit.
Fill-ins can play one game in a season before being registered and must be approved by the court supervisor. Fill-ins can be subjectively no better than the player they are replacing. If a player is obviously much better the team will forfeit the match. Players cannot play down a division unless registered on the team’s roster as a regular player.¬†Players cannot play two games in one division in the same round.
An overtime period will be played if the game is even at the conclusion of regulation. The overtime period will be 3 minutes long with the first two minutes having a running clock and the last minute fully timed. Fouls and time-outs roll-over from the 2nd half of the game and do not reset. If a second overtime occurs it will only be a 1 minute fully timed period.
Time-outs may only be called when the ball is out of play (no on-court time-outs). A time-out cannot be called upon your team scoring, however can be called by the team that is scored on. Each team will be given one time-out per half.
Game length
The game will consist of 2x 15 minute fully timed halves. (This means the clock stops on all whistles) The clock will not stop on baskets until the last minute of the game. Games typically go between 45-55 minutes long. There is no shot clock.
Mercy rule
The Mercy rule is only enforced in the second half. If the game has a 20 or more point spread the clock will run during all whistles. If the game is not within 11 points in the last minute the clock will run.
Jerseys are supplied for free upon team registration to those who do not already have good uniforms. Shorts can be bought for $25 per person. If a player loses or damages his jersey it will cost $40 to replace it. All players MUST wear their jerseys provided to them, or the jersey that has been approved to their team. Any player that participates out of uniform will penalize his team by 2 points at the start of the game. Shorts do not have to be matching across the team, however no shorts with loose pockets or loose cords are allowed.
Ladder points
A team will be given 2 points for a win or 1 point for a loss. If two teams are tied on ladder points at the end of the season Head-to-Head (who beat who during the season out of those two teams) will be used. In the event of a 3 or more way tie, For/Against including only the games played between these 3 or more teams will be used as the decider.
Finals will be 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd (based on ladder standings at the end of the season). The winner of these two games will play in the Grand-Final.
If a team forfeits a game they will be penalized with 0 points for the game. Too many forfeits in a season will lose the team their priority nomination for the next season.
Team Conduct Probation
If a team receives 3 technical or malicious unsportsmanlike fouls (combined) in a season they will be put on ‘Conduct Probation’. Every consecutive technical or malicious unsportsmanlike foul will put the player under review for suspension, with a minimum of 1 game. Any following suspensions in the same season will incur a permanent ban.


– Play may be hard, energetic and enthusiastic but should never be violent or unsportsmanlike. Recurring offenders will be suspended from the competition.
– Players exhibiting violent or aggressive behaviour will be asked to sit on their teams bench for 3 minutes.
– A player who is given two unsportsmanlike fouls in one game will be ejected and be put under review for suspension.
– Verbal provocation of any sort is unacceptable. If a player swears at a player on the other team the player will be given a technical foul.
– Players should not react with violence to any physical or verbal provocation. A retaliation will be dealt with as severely as the original provocation.
– Players should never argue with an umpire/referee. A player is allowed to talk to the referee about a ruling and the referee will explain why the call was made. The referee has the right to take away these privileges.
– Any on-going antagonistic behaviour towards the referees, bench or any other officials will be dealt with by technical foul.
– Immodest behaviour in victory or success, and manifestation of self-disgust at an error or failure is poor sportsmanship.
– Inappropriate talk can be considered bad sportsmanship and may be asked by the referee to stop.
– A player kicking the ball will receive a technical foul. Kicking basketballs causes them to break from their circular form.
– Players on the bench are also subject to the above rules and a player in question, or the bench can either be given a technical foul at the discretion of the referee.
– All of these rules can be enforced by the referee and can result in a Technical foul. At two Technical fouls the player will be ejected and put under review for suspension. A player who is ejected will be given 1 minute to leave the stadium. A player who refuses to leave will cause his team to forfeit and may cause management to involve the police.
– Players are encouraged to play in a sportsmanlike manner and to extend courtesy to the opposing team. This includes post-match courtesies such as shaking hands with the opposing team and extending thanks to the referees and the bench after the match. Enmore Basketball encourages players to enjoy the game, not stress about it. Please remember, just like in a park, pub or office; the laws about assault and threats also apply to the basketball court.
– Spectators are never to jeer opposition players.
– Spectators are never to talk or give advice to the referee during the game.
– Spectators are to show respect for the game by not bouncing balls, yelling or deliberately putting players off.
– Coaches may talk to the referee’s about a ruling but can not argue with the call, nor antagonize the referee. A coach who is given two Technical fouls will be asked to leave.
If the referee asks the spectators to do something, for example move back from the sidelines, pick up basketballs or be quiet during free throws then the spectators are to respect the referee.
– All of these rules can be enforced and spectators can be asked to leave. A spectator who will not leave will halt the game and management may need to involve the police.


All registered players have Player Injury Insurance taken out for them. This covers recovery costs for most injuries for up to $1,000. For more details email or use our Contact Us form. Note: All claims must be made within two weeks of the injury, and an inquiry into the cover must be made before any recovery treatment that is not an emergency. Only covers Australian residents.